This pages lists the attacks against the SMAesh dataset.

CHES2023 challenge

These attacks were submitted for the CHES2023 challenge and follow the challenge rules.

A7_d2Gaƫtan Cassiers, Charles MominDemo16777215
A7_d2Thomas MarquetMorningstar-16500000
A7_d2Thomas MarquetMorningstar-1.35000000
A7_d2Valence CristianiAngelo500000
A7_d2Valence CristianiRaphaellio390000
A7_d2Valence CristianiDonatella290000
S6_d2Valence CristianiLeonardddo10000000
S6_d2Valence CristianiLeonardda5000000
S6_d2Thomas MarquetMorningstar-2.2-try-again2150400
S6_d2Thomas MarquetMorningstar-2.51638400
S6_d2Thomas MarquetMorningstar-2.5.21228800
S6_d2Thomas MarquetMorningstar-xxx901120

These attacks can be downloaded here.

Post-CHES challenge

After the CHES challenge, the test datasets have been released (as well as the profiling randomness for the S6_d2 dataset).

We invite everybody who works with the dataset to report their attacks to the challenge organizers (paper and/or code link). We aim to maintain here a list of all public attacks on the dataset. Ideally, attack code should work within the evaluation framework, in order to ease reproduction.

Following challenge rules

To qualify, an attack should have been trained only on the training and validation datasets, and evaluated on a test dataset (taking the first \(x\) traces of that dataset).

TargetAuthorsAttackTracesUse prof. RNG seed

Other attacks

We list here the attacks that we are aware of, but that do not follow the challenge rules.

  • (None at the moment.)